Snow Clouds

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Clouds announcing new snowfall at the utterly congealed coastline. The frozen sand with the stones seems to be as hard as concrete. Good tramping boots recommended, otherwise it hurts after a while.

== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Reply
    yvanmarn 29. December 2010

    Beautiful photo and a very impressive blog! Congratulations!

  2. Reply
    martin 29. December 2010

    Absolutely love this.

  3. Reply
    Benz World 29. December 2010

    Great shot. I really like the subtle colours and the composition.

    How did you extract the histogram from the exif? I have not seem that done before.

  4. Reply
    tom 29. December 2010

    Wunderschöne Aufnahme.Die blaue Tonung passt gut zur kalten Jahreszeitund läßt mich regelrecht frieren.

  5. Reply
    Andrey Samolinov 29. December 2010

    Splendid landscape
    Great composition and color – really like this photo

  6. Reply
    Frida 29. December 2010

    I have now seen the best image of winter this year. I absolutely love everything about this. The composition, the bluish toning, the boat and then the small element of brown in the tree and the grass.

  7. Reply
    Moroccan 29. December 2010

    An elegant and well framed photography !

  8. Reply
    Luc 30. December 2010

    J'aime beaucoup cette photo, pour la tonalité de ses couleurs, ses beaux nuages, et l'ambiance hivernale.

  9. Reply
    Dave Gibbeson 30. December 2010

    I love this, the light is amazing and it is well composed.

  10. Reply
    D. K. Sutton 30. December 2010

    Impressive winter scene. Great composition. Love the clouds and the icy tones.

  11. Reply
    Chunn 30. December 2010

    The clouds are powerful and threaten as well.

  12. Reply
    sherri 30. December 2010

    Quite an extraordinary scene. It's breath taking.

  13. Reply
    A memory in the raw 30. December 2010

    Utterley awesome landscape …

  14. Reply
    Russ 31. December 2010

    Great composition and great shot. I like the mood created by the weather in this shot.

  15. Reply
    fabrizio 31. December 2010

    Happy New Year!!!!!!

  16. Reply
    MIchelle 3. January 2011

    Stunning capture, almost makes me miss snow…almost:)

  17. Reply
    Dutch PhotoDay 20. January 2011

    You are a master of landscape photography,

  18. Reply
    Lisa Zincone 27. January 2011

    Beautiful, so cold yet so warm

  19. Reply
    Dutch PhotoDay 31. October 2011

    To be there, breathe the air, feel the atmosphere … wonderful composition.

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