Baltic Autumn

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Just arrived back home from a nice week at the coast. It was big fun as always: very good food, long walks on empty beaches and all aspects of weather conditions. From horizontal rain, storm at 8 beaufort to blue skies and vice versa, all in just 20 minutes ;-).

== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


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    Claus Petersen 6. October 2012

    What a beautiful place you have visited here, such photos always makes me want a vacation :-)

    • Reply
      Uwe 6. October 2012

      Thank you so much Claus for your kind comments!

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    That photo is beautiful. I would like to be sitting on the beach there, but the sky makes it look so cold though. Either Way, great job!

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    Arnd 7. October 2012

    Lovely image, Uwe, real peaceful ‘off-season’ mood at this popular costal strip.

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    Kris Koeller 8. October 2012

    Very nice. I love the minimalism.

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    Beau Mitchell 10. December 2012

    Nice one! That looks like a peaceful little beach.

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