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  1. So beautiful, love the way you present this. It would look great big on a wall.

  2. tom tom

    Wunderschön. Die warmen Farben passen sehr gut!

  3. Sehr schönes Bild. Hat etwas ganz erfrischend windiges!

  4. Absolutely stunning photograph! I love the colours. This would make a fabulous print.


  5. Linda Linda

    This makes my soul happy. It is so beautiful and soothing.

  6. I love your colour treatment. Your images are quite distinctive.

  7. Great shot & a wonderful collection in your blog, congratulations!

  8. I love this. I hope you don’t mind but I pinned it on pintrest.

  9. Really beautiful, love them poppies :)

  10. great colors – thats ferr-tale!

  11. Tiene un ambiente magnifico, transporta a los sentidos.


  12. the backlighting is fantastic. a beautiful field.

  13. Name Name

    great vision

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