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  1. Utterly beautifull, very narrow DOF … excellent work as usual!

  2. Clever selective focus of small areas in this rather beautiful bokeh shot.

  3. So very beautiful. If it were on a greeting card, I'd buy it.

  4. shear excellence.. i love how the tip of the flowers are so sharp.. you have some great bokeh at play @-) more over i love the angle.. and the why in which the photo has been composed.. its second to non! hats off! :-)

  5. Outstanding. This is really, really wonderful.

  6. so beautiful composition with a dof which enhance the subject.

  7. Heidi Cranston Heidi Cranston

    I am new to photography and am wondering if you could tell me what dof and bokeh mean? I will google the terms also to see what I can learn.. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous shot

  8. Absolutely love this picture. Beautiful lighting and great colours.

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