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  1. Sehr cool! Hat was Extraterrestrisches. Wie von einem Gasplaneten. Ist das vom Boden aus aufgenommen, oder von einem irgendwie erhöhtem Standpunkt?

  2. The quote you use is an intriguing one. A lot of man's imperfections are not that great …. but i understand the point.
    as to this photo no imperfections but just as great!

  3. NancyH NancyH

    i love this.. i find windmills so organic looking, even in their sleek lines. in north america there's all this noise about them getting in the way of beautiful landscapes.. but i find them glorious in a way.. they let you see the wind.. and it seems like they maybe connect us *more* to the landscape in that way.. we are part of it? fantastic ethereal shot.

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