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Remembering spring. Well it’s the same every year: at the latest in January I feel so bored of the winter and wish that spring would come immediately. That’s silly I know, but I’m definitely not the winter type. So well, a least a summer shot. ;-)

remember the spring

One day before Christmas

This photo shows the lighthouse “Fluegge” on the isle of Fehmarn in the morning hours of Dec.23, 2008.


Orange light

An evening in the fields


Details of a a clematis in full bloom.


Autumn Impressions III

More from the woods. Leaves are falling quickly now. Guess the indian summer won’t last long. Was short but nice this year.



A very old bicycle in front of a very old little cottage. Both abandoned, but at least the cottage is in good condition (I’ll post a photo of it tomorrow)

Forgotten II


Some more impression of the old rectory in Fehmarn. The rectory and another building next door (an old school with just one classroom) where sold and I guess the new owner will renovate and then lease them as vacation homes.

However, I simply love these brick cladded old houses. Maybe some day, once we are retired, we will buy such an old cottage. Or maybe a lighthouse, or maybe a scottish castle, I think about, hmmmm, Dunvegan? :)

forgotten2 forgotten3 forgotten4


All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.
– Sir Winston Churchill –




Enlightened field at dusk.


Out of this world

Nature and technique, not always a contradiction?


Abstract Autumn

Fresh green and lush turns to auburn and brittle – the meaning of life


Silent Coast

Seven days on the Isle of Fehmarn

Silent Coast

Silent Coast

Silent Coast

Silent Coast

Silent Coast


Selective Fall

Slowly but surely there’s no foliage left to photograph. So time to shoot the fallen. ;) Forecast predicts a sunny but cold weekend. Looking forward to do a walk through the forest.

Fehmarn October II

Some more…

Presen13 Presen12 Presen11 Presen10 Presen9 Presen8

Fehmarn b/w Series

Some more impressions in b/w. Please consider that I have not that much experience in street photography ;-)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Fehmarn October I

Some sunny, some cloudy and some hazy days at the coast


Fragile Things