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In the garden, easy-going

Nice weather and upcoming weekend, two things which make me happy ;-). A walk in my garden, just to check if the camera is still functional :-(.

My favorite place is our beach chair, though if it’s above 20 degrees and no wind, it’s getting very warm in there. But it’s perfect in autumn and spring. A book and a cup of coffee is all I need.


In the garden, after the rain.

Here comes the rain again 
falling on my head like a memory 
falling on my head like a new emotion 
I want to walk in the open wind 
I want to talk like lovers do 
I want to dive into your ocean 
is it raining with you
– Here comes the rain again : Eurythmics – 



Wish you a nice weekend!

Why do we love the sea?  It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think.  ~Robert Henri



A simple photo, but every single stone is unique like a fingerprint…think about it :). I like the colors of the stones and their shape rounded by the surge


Happy Halloween

Though Halloween is not a native german tradition and I guess it’s “imported” mainly for commercial purposes, kids have fun with trick or treat (and adults with decoration ;)


Kitchen Deco

Since it was raining all day (and my wife wants such a picture for our new kitchen since…eeerm…weeks ;), I did some still-life today. Hope it will work printed and framed on canvas in 100cm width.


Table Decoration

…during my sons first communion



Today we made a walk through our autumnal forest. The weather was nearly perfect (20°C and sunny), and it was a totally relaxing day. My son has collected about 5 tons (estimated, obviously I had to carry all of them) of chestnuts, and I have a sense of foreboding that I have to dispose withered 4,999 tons of them in a few weeks ;).



Simply a red gerbera flower.