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Blue and Yellow

Found some wild sunflowers by the wayside of a field yesterday. Looking forward for see them all flourish in a few days.

== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. good idea, hiding the sun behind the sunflower :)

  2. stunning shot!!!! absolutely wonderful

  3. Great idea to hide the sun :-) Love the colors, perhaps a bit too dark in the center of the flower.

  4. lovely!!!

  5. Oh, wow….I love it.

  6. Terrific!! Larfer than life. Love the magical color!!!

  7. Stunning shot! You have captured it beautifully.

  8. I love how the flower is lit up from behind by the sun! This is a great way of resolving the issue of high dynamic range in the image ;)

  9. tom

    Man könnte meinen die Sonnenblume wollte zu mir sprechen.

  10. xtexan

    Uwe, you make it look easy. Magnificent !

  11. I love the bright beautiful colors, the illuminated sunflower, the clouds — just beautiful!

  12. Wunderschöndes Foto! Ich finde es spitze, dass man den Schatten der hinteren Blätter der Sonnenblume durchsieht. Bei dir sieht das so easy aus…

  13. Wow… this is so nice. The backlit sunflower looks really amazing. The more I see your photos, the more I like them. Also, I like your blog design so much!

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