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An apple tree and morning mist

== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Utterly beautifull shot … love the misty atmosphere in thei sone … well done!

  2. such wonderful, great atmosphere and wonderful use of space

  3. Like the garden of eden, so I wouldn't eat from that apple tree ;-) Beautiful shot.

  4. Wow. Perfect light. Perfect composition.

  5. The forefront has a fantasy feel to it and I like the dreamy mist. Such gorgeous sunlight throughout this image. (I don't think I'll ever stop whispering, "wow" when your site opens)

  6. Gorgeous landscape. Like a painting!

  7. tom

    Das Licht ist einfach gigantisch! Sehr schön auch der softe Touch des Bildes.

  8. Beautiful landscapes and post treatment in you portfolio!

  9. Another stunningly simple, yet beautiful image. It's as if the bench is inviting me to walk into the photograph, sit down, and enjoy the misty sunrise. Including the apple tree, too, really makes this image work.

  10. Hallo,

    ein sehr schöner Blog mit durch die Bank feinen Landschaftsaufnahmen die mir sehr gut gefallen. Bei manchen geht mir die EBV zu weit, ist aber subjektiv.
    Gratulation zu den schönen Bilder. Ich werde öfters vorbeischauen.


  11. Absolutely gorgeous landscape.

  12. Traumhaft schöne, fast schon paradisische Aufnahme.

  13. Interesting shot. I like the mood but something feels not quite right to me. I think I find the contrast too flat and somehow disturbing, especially on the bench. It that an HDR?

  14. WOW! How do you do this?? This is amazing light and the colours! Soooo beautiful! And the composition is stunning!

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