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An apple a day…

This year, my sons little apple tree bears fruit for the first time. Though some where attacked by worms and have fallen off yet, we are confident that we can pick some worm-resistant ;), sweet, tasty apples in september.

Three things a man should do in his life:
1. Build a house
2. Conceive a child

3. Plant a tree
– German quote from an unknown person – don’t take it too serious ;) –

== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Looks delicious :-)

  2. very slick!

  3. Excellent shot! I like the rather cold colours, tack sharpness and vignetting.

  4. tom

    …zum Reinbeissen.

  5. Wonderful details. The water drops really make it!

  6. I have a strong desire to go searching for an apple tree.

  7. Love the colours, Excellent

  8. Great extures, colors, and light.

  9. einfach nur lecker :)

  10. delicious but more importantly excellent shot!


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