Kitchen Deco

Since it was raining all day (and my wife wants such a picture for our new kitchen since…eeerm…weeks ;), I did some still-life today. Hope it will work printed and framed on canvas in 100cm width.


== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Leanne 30. August 2010

    Love them all, great light and details.

  2. djib 30. August 2010

    Nice pictures and patchwork. Colours are delicate and the coffees look great and savory. I'd have rearranged the coffee beans between the second and third shot.

  3. tom 30. August 2010

    Schöne Serie. Macht Lust auf Kaffee.

  4. faisal 30. August 2010

    nice product shots.

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