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Back from a week on the baltic sea (Zingst on the Darss peninsula to be precise). Unfortunately, on the second day there I got a really annoying flu (working all year without getting sick, but on my rare holidays these viruses get me, everytime), and so I couldn’t visit all of the nice places on Darss. Most of them are only accessible afoot or with a bicycle, because they lay in protected natural preserves. But riding a bicycle 10km with and 10km against the heavy wind with a flu, that’s no fun at all, even the land is flat. Anyway, at least I shot some photos and will post them in the next days.

== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Voilà ce que j'appelle de l'ART. Un noir et blanc tout simplement parfait ! Je suis jalou !

  2. Great B&W picture. Nice work.

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