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Wonderful World

It’s a wonderful world
As the buildings fall down
And you quicken your step
‘til your feet leave the ground

And you’re soaring above
All the sorrow below
And you’re falling in love
With those you don’t know

And your heart feels so wide
And your heart fills so strong
It was never a place
That you felt you belonged

It’s a wonderful world
Full of wonderful things
And the people fall down
And abandon their dreams

David Sylvian – Wonderful World

== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Lovely shot–really interesting and striking choices in post.

  2. tom

    In der Tat. Diese Welt ist einfach wunderschön und die einzige, die wir haben.

  3. spectacular location, clever shade

  4. Wonderful light and shade.

  5. I have a similar image just posted, trees are always a winner for me, their beauty is tangible, I love this.

  6. Looks mystical…

  7. Lisa Zincone

    mystical with serenity and tranquility. Great shot for Twilight books.

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