Frozen Stones


== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Frida 4. January 2011

    Excellent capture with those icy stones in the foreground.

  2. rodney somogyvari 4. January 2011

    just looks soo cold! very nice

  3. Tim Woodward 4. January 2011

    Blue, cold, beautiful :-)

  4. Evil Cliffie 4. January 2011

    Another nice shot — nice and cold. :D

    I think it could have been cropped before the water turned into a blur (about halfway in the picture), though.

  5. ella 4. January 2011

    great shot,nice composition

  6. Laurens Kuipers 6. January 2011

    Great tones and nice compo!

  7. UweB 11. January 2011

    Einfach nur gut!!

  8. Claus Petersen 11. January 2011

    Ice cold and beautiful.

  9. sherri 13. January 2011

    The ships on the horizon on are unexpected element. The frozen forefront feels like no life would be out and about. The patterns of the freezing on the large rock is remarkable.

  10. Andrey Samolinov 15. January 2011

    Exceptional landscape
    The huge open space and great detail in the foreground

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