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After long weeks without a chance to see the sun, today we’ve had some nice sunshine with a nearly perfect blue sky. Though it’s still winter and cold, it was a real pleasure to take a walk, feeling the sunshine in the face. Hope for spring to come in a few weeks. For me, my subjectiv feeling is that wintertimes last a bit longer by every additional year of my lifetime. Hope this is only an imagination :-)


== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. tom

    Wunderschöne Gegenlichtaufnahme.

  2. Gorgeous tones and light. A really beautiful day!

  3. Nice cool tone. At my home country, I feel that the rain season last longer every year.

  4. I like this blue, blue, blue.

  5. Such clear shot, I like the reflections off of the water.

  6. Lisa Zincone


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