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Shadows and a bench

Another one from yesterdays walk. Today we where not so lucky: fog with visibility at 10m ;-).


== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. tom

    Die Stimmung ist genial. Tolle Gegenlichaufnahme.

  2. Breathtaking image! Love the clarity and the golden light!

  3. Stunning.

  4. Wonderful colours! Love the way the sun is included, and the small flares on the tree. The bench looks like a good spot in the sun!

  5. amazing composition with amazing colours!! very well taken

  6. Really gorgeous light–splendid image!

  7. Fantastic work in this one and in the blue one you posted after this. You manage to make a nice composition from the colours and shapes at the same time.

  8. Mari


  9. Beautiful shot and a great collection in your blog!

  10. what a lovely picture. So beautiful and serene! Wonderful colors!

  11. Beautiful! I need to go sit on that bench :-)

  12. Atmospheric conditions. Beautiful photograph. Take a seat and look at this lake while daydreaming

  13. Wonderful, wonderful sunlight! The reflections just below the ice line are a wonderful element for me.

  14. Fantastic image, but looks soo cold! I think il stick to the warmth of South Africa. good capture

  15. Lisa Zincone

    A beautiful picture. Makes me wonder if the sun will keep me warm.

  16. just awesome….what great capture describing the nature so beautifully.

  17. Hi! Very nice composition. Great Colors!

  18. Nik

    Incredible light…this photo is special

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