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Cold Walk

A photograph is memory in the raw.
~Carrie Latet

== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. As always the scenery is beautiful, especially the way it fades into nothing in the distance makes this beautiful to look at..

  2. The road is a fantastic ‘entryway’ into your moody winter picture. The fog nicely adds to the mystery of the scene.

  3. Another sublime shot–wonderful vanishing point and overall composition.

  4. it's like the big photos hanged at my employer's home. They are just so wonderful! That road is like heaven.

  5. tom

    Gibt sehr schön die Stimmung eines tristen Wintertages wieder!

  6. Schöne Aufnahme, vor allem mit dieser "kalten" Stimmung und der Straße, die ins Nirgendwo führt …

  7. Excellent composition and colors! Good work. It's like I almost can feel the cold and humidity while watching your photo!

  8. hoi

    I like photograph very much. Nicely shot!

  9. NancyH

    great composition. i like the rail fence contrast with the rounder/more organic tree shapes.

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