Perfect Place


Today on an “after work ride” with my MTB I came across this weathered bench. Placed under a blooming apple tree, it was so wonderful to just sit down and listen to the natures voice, inhaling the odor of spring in the evening sun. This is what I mean with “moments like this”. For me: priceless.




== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Frida 2. May 2011

    What a beautiful place to sit and think about life and stuff.

  2. sherri 3. May 2011

    A lovely and inviting place to sit and enjoy spring. (I like your new look)

  3. Claus Petersen 3. May 2011

    Looks like quite the beautiful place to have a quiet moment.

  4. Jessica Sweeney 4. May 2011

    Beautiful! That does look perfect.

  5. Olivier Jules 5. May 2011

    beautiful place!

  6. tom 5. May 2011

    Da w├╝rde ich mich jetzt gerne hinsetzen und verweilen.

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