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Perfect Place II

Also one of my favourite places close to my hometown. This pond has it’s very own athmosphere, varying by the different seasons. But all have one in common: t’s always a tranquil place.

== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Man kann die ruhige Atmosphäre förmlich spüren!

  2. Jahnavee Sinh

    Absolutely breathtaking. Especially the way the sun shines through the branches. Spectacular!

  3. tom

    Dieser Platz strahlt wirklich Ruhe aus.

  4. K.

    It is really tranquil place – and your shot lets you feel this impression. Great photo!

  5. feels like heaven!! you have posted lots of great photos since the last time i’ve been here. is there a way i could subscribe to your blog via email? i truly love your works.

  6. Excellent balanced photography.

  7. Lisa

    I really love this photo…I kind of imagine how wonderful this would at nightime. With the fireflies dancing around the trees and the moon reflecting off the water. I want to find a place like this…

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