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Green green green, wherever I go.  I love this season. :) And I love my slow “Primadonna” Sigma DP1s, whose output is very nice for this kind of photos. Clearly scores off my 5D.


== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Fresh is really the right word here, and it’s just amazing how much detail you have brought forth here in this very bright light!! Beautiful work as always.

  2. Delicious colors and gorgeous light. Love the fresh colors.

  3. Ad

    Like the picture! As usual with your excellent pictures :-)

    Do not like the messy wordpress site where you have to click endlessly to get to the (e.g. the latest) picture :-(

  4. Uwe

    Well, just open your eyes, :-). There is a menu on the top right called “Recent Posts”, so… Except that, the latest picture is always the first post on the main page. Really don’t know how this could be hard to find in any way, it’s only one single click.

  5. Das ist echt schön, klasse wie Du mit dem Licht “gespielt” hast.

  6. tom

    Der Titel passt perfekt zum Foto, genau dies vermittelt dieses Bild.

  7. Ad

    Well… It’s surely not hard to see where one is expected to go. But it’s two clicks to see the latest photo (one to go to the page with the post and another to enlarge to photo). From then, to see another photo one must first click on the close button at the top right of the picture and then either click the back button on the browser or click in the recent posts column at the right (which only goes back a few photos) to get to the next one.

    In the previous Pixelpost site one got the latest picture in a large format immediately when entering the site and a simple single click at the previous arrow sufficed to go the the previous one (and so forth until all the pictures are viewed)

  8. Ad

    BTW: it’s not your fault, it’s WordPress…

    Do like your photo’s very much and for a WordPress site this is a good one :-)

  9. really nice, how did you manage to take such a detailed photo in such bright light? can you share the parameters?

  10. Uwe

    Joanna, I used RAW, f4, spot metering on the leaves and some exposure correction. My position was in the shadows of the tree, plus the DP1s has a very good dynamic range, so it’s mostly less of a problem to preserve details and get a correct exposure even in (just) direct frontlight.

  11. Like like like! The green and blue colours, its blurred background. This is an uplifting image.

  12. Nice shot! Theclor of the sky and the sunlight makes it real fresh. The structure in the leaf is excellent. Well done! I vote for you on CPB.

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