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Ok be aware, some ugly self-laudation follows, haha. As of today, I have lost 30Kg or 60 pounds weight. I’m on a diet since 6 month now and I’m quite proud that I have made it so far. These photos are a contribution to one of the things which made it possible  to reached this second last milestone: my bike.

Well, there are many more reasons: my wife, because of her infinite patience and support and for strictly not buying any sweeties; my son who doesn’t call me flab anymore; my doc, who asked me one of the most important questions of my life: “do you want to see your son grow up?” and well, my, incredible willpower (loud buzzer sound: lie lie lie!!!!).

Ok, enough of this. Let’s go for the next 25 pounds to reach the final target.


== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. jimbob

    Your message…Congradulations.You should shout it from the roof tops! I know how hard that can be. I lost 54 lbs. last year. I actually got tired of carring around all that weight. It was getting hard to tie my shoes. Feel much better these days.

  2. tom

    Glückwunsch! Ich müsste 10 kg abnehme, bekomme es aber noch nicht wirklich auf die Reihe. Obwohl ein neues Fahrrad habe ich mir schon zugelegt :-)

  3. You are an example! congrats
    You must be feeling much better!
    Keep up biking (and posting photo’s!)

  4. Nice shot. Exellent colours and details.

  5. HUGE congrats!!! Keep it up! I also lost a lot of weight 2 years ago and have been feeling fabulous (as Im sure you are now) since then… Rock on!

  6. Good luck man, diets are always hard.

  7. Well done! That’s a great achievement. I know it can’t have been easy but I’m sure you’re feeling great because of it.

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