Lands End

Lands End on the western shore of Fehmarn. Unpeopled and with good weather conditions, this is a great, elemental place. Every time I visit this shore, it has changed. Trees are displanted by the elements of nature, or they’ve moved several feet away from their previous positions, but still rooted.


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  1. gentse koppen 19. October 2011

    A beautiful dreamy landscape. Makes me wish i was there, enjoying all those wonderful colors.


  2. Kris Koeller 19. October 2011

    Beautiful shot. The coast looks amazing.

  3. Mats 19. October 2011

    Very nice capture of this dreamlike landscape! Amazing.

  4. sherri 20. October 2011

    the dappled light on the shore is so pretty

  5. Iza 22. October 2011

    I didn’t know that “unpeopled” is an English word but I think I will start using it drone on. It is very descriptive and fits well many of your images!

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