Almost gone

As mentioned before, the circle is almost complete.

For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad. ~Edwin Way Teale
Exif Data
Camera: Olympus E-30 | Focal: 35mm | Shutter: 1/2s | ISO: 200 | Aperture: f/10

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  1. Luiza 30. October 2011

    Sehr hübsch bearbeitet! GEfällt mir sehr gut.
    Guten Start in den Sonntag!

  2. Arnd 30. October 2011

    Wonderful close-up. It looks so abstract yet perfect!

  3. yvan 30. October 2011

    Wonderful capture of a delicate structure and lovely color work.

  4. Victoria (Sweden) 30. October 2011

    Wow, very nice picture!

  5. tom 30. October 2011

    Das ist die andere Seite des Herbstes. Das alte muss weichen damit das Neue dann wieder kommen kann.
    B&W setzt sehr schön die Struktur und den Vordergrund.

  6. Mirco 30. October 2011

    Die Strukturen in diesem Blatt sind ja klasse

  7. djib 30. October 2011

    So many details in a leaf and a great composition. A fantastic B&W.

  8. Jack Larson 30. October 2011

    such an elegant monochrome. outstanding bokeh

  9. Marcie 30. October 2011

    What a gorgeous image for these last days of autumn!

  10. Da1King 31. October 2011

    Awesome image. Love the details in the leaf. Any chance in getting a 1920×1080 version for a wallpaper!?

  11. Michael Rawluk 31. October 2011

    Black and white is perfect for this shot.

  12. Heinz 31. October 2011

    ein sehr feines SW-Foto. Auch gut im Schnitt.

  13. Kris Koeller 31. October 2011

    Beautiful composition. perfect.

  14. hans 31. October 2011

    autumn leaves …. were the main focus of our recent trip to New-England… but i did not harvest the kind of images we have seen here! outstanding stuff (as usual!)

  15. Suzanne 31. October 2011

    Absolutely exquisite. Love the tones and low key light.

  16. CushmoK 31. October 2011

    details of the leaf are very impressive… balance of this b&w shot is perfect.

  17. sherri 1. November 2011

    a brilliant demonstration of “almost gone” with this image.

  18. yz 1. November 2011

    absolutely beautiful photo of autumn

  19. Tobias Mann 2. November 2011

    Wonderful shot, it reminds me of so many of my own, but what mine lack your acheives so vibrantly yet without color.

    Truely increadible shot.

  20. gerald 2. November 2011

    insanely great! i can’t help but stare.

  21. To the bitter end 3. November 2011

    […] last contribute to my “when the leafs turn” series (Act 1, Act 2). Even if they are really down now, I’m still enjoying […]

  22. Christopher 6. November 2011

    Striking texture, detail and mood. Brilliant shot!

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