Morning Beauty

Autumn dawns have a very special appeal. It needs some luck to catch the small time window where the light is not too strong and washed out by the usual haze but just bright enough to enlighten the scene in a warm manner which, in my region, can only be seen during fall.

Sadness flies on the wings of the morning and out of the heart of darkness comes the light.  ~Jean Giraudoux

Exif Data
Camera: Olympus E-30 | Focal: 16mm | Shutter: 1/320 | ISO: 200 | Aperture: f/8,0


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  1. Caryn Caldwell 8. November 2011

    Wow. This is just breathtaking. I’m loving all of your autumn photos.

  2. Arnd 8. November 2011

    Stunning image, superb and beautiful. Really like the soft light and the warm fall colors. Excellent work, Uwe!

  3. Kris Koeller 9. November 2011

    Terrific. You have a real knack for fall colors. A beautiful series.

  4. Theys Roland 10. November 2011

    Fantastic shot !

  5. tom 10. November 2011

    Absolut fantastisch. Das warme sanfte Licht ist wunderschön.

  6. Luiza 11. November 2011

    WOW! Sehr beeindruckend. Bin begeistert. Und dankbar, dass wir so einen schönen Herbst haben:-)

  7. Mirco 11. November 2011

    Wie schafts Du es immer solch eine tolle Stimmung in die Fotos zu Zaubern?
    Klasse Foto

  8. Kevin 11. November 2011

    Beautiful. Such a lovely warm, calm image. It’s refreshing just to look at it.

  9. Marcie 11. November 2011

    Breathtakingly beautiful color and light. Gorgeous autumn scene and image!

  10. live vysledky 11. November 2011

    great shot with fantastic colours and atmosphere. BRAVO

  11. Christopher 12. November 2011

    Splendid shot–I love the soft light and superb framing. Amazing work!

  12. Andrey Samolinov 23. November 2011

    Very beautiful and dreamy – a great photo

  13. Angelia Sims 1. December 2011

    This is incredibly beautiful. I love the lighting and the feel of emotion this photo invokes. Amazing job!

  14. ismet 15. November 2016

    those shots make photography an art. thanks for sharing with us.

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