Full Moon

Stay tonight
We’ll watch the full moon rising
Hold on tight
The sky is breaking

David Sylvian – Darkest Dreaming


== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Liesbeth 15. November 2011

    Beautiful photos!
    Gonna watch you everyday!

  2. Arnd 16. November 2011

    You have captured an enchanting evening mood, very relaxed, with the world in front of you. Really wonderful!

  3. sherri 16. November 2011

    a lovely minimilist scene. feels very safe and tranquil.

  4. Christopher 16. November 2011

    Exquisite blue hour shot–love it!

  5. Louis Blythe 18. November 2011

    WOW What a great shot! Love the blue!

  6. Wolfgang 21. November 2011

    Sehr schöne Aufnahme und ein tolles Blau.

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