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Cold Shore

Regardless of the temperatures, one of my favorite places in every season of the year. It’s difficult to frame the scene and trying to including the mood and atmosphere which has a great impact on me every time I visit this place. So I know that it won’t necessarily touch someone who has never been there. But  that’s the “problem” with most of my photos. ;)



== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Perfect capture of a winter landscape, love the setting!

  2. What a great place to recharge one’s batteries. Love the ‘stormy mood’ you captured here.

  3. Linda

    I keep coming back to this picture – it is lovely, and I want to be there. The wildness really appeals to me.

  4. Another absolutely breathtaking shot–great choices in post here too

  5. Gorgeous. Completely, totally gorgeous.

  6. What a wonderful mood you’ve captured/created here. Stunning image!

  7. awesome tonality and really nice different layers of light, really perfect and great impact for this pleasant place

  8. An absolute stunning shot the processing is as always lovely

  9. outstanding. i love this photograph. beautifully done

  10. oh, how pretty! it’s breath-taking.

  11. Don

    A beautiful wide angle shot that is very appealing. A wonderful shot in color and composition.

  12. Beautiful shot. So rare to see snow right up on the beach (at least in the places from where I come).

  13. I can feel the cold atmosphere. Not a bench te sit down and look around, but a very nice detail.

  14. great shot!

  15. brilliant!!!

  16. Gorgeous! Love those clouds.

  17. Just lovely!

  18. Certainly has an impressive atmosphere, but also very calm

  19. Beautiful image, snow near water very far away from my world:)

  20. I love the wintriness of this shot. Cold and warm at the same time.

  21. Looks like the clouds are waves of the ocean really cool. Thanks

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