The Water

Beach scenes of Zingst Peninsula

There was a time I’d dip my feet
And it would roll off my skin
Now every time I get close to the edge
I’m scared of falling in

Cause I don’t want to be stranded again
On my own
When the tide comes in
And pulls me below the surface
– Hurts  – The Water –

== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Marcie 12. February 2012

    Gorgeous soft color and light. Love the composition here.

  2. faisal 13. February 2012


  3. fabrizio 13. February 2012

    awesome soft tonality, special atmosphere

  4. Christopher 13. February 2012

    Beautiful tones and really pleasing composition

  5. Eden 13. February 2012

    Lovely work Uwe!

  6. Liesbeth 14. February 2012

    Nice update! Love the big photo and the second 1 the most

  7. zooperdido 20. February 2012

    Great work!

  8. John 20. February 2012

    Great series of beach photos.

  9. Fotograf Gdańsk 26. February 2012

    Beautiful photo of a very dramatic,

  10. Photo Video Art 4. March 2012

    Excellent series. Great work

  11. Navin Harish 5. March 2012

    Great shot.

  12. alexander 5. March 2012

    Love the picture of the beach and the wooden posts, which make it look like a walkway. The picture must have been taken in the morning as you see the shades of sun on the sand.

  13. Gaetano 5. March 2012

    Great shot. So nice.

  14. sherri 6. March 2012

    for me there’s a nice contrast between the quietness of the wave and the large pillars. love the sea.

  15. DonPaolo 10. March 2012

    Das dritte Bild gefällt mir wg. des Himmels am besten.

  16. Philip Aucott 21. March 2012

    I love the way this image displays the tranquillity of the beech, great tones.

  17. Grace 24. March 2012

    I love this picture ~

    I would like to post it in my blog and credit to you~


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