First Blossoms 2012

Spring makes a short break this weekend (but that’s ok, nature needs the rain), and our almond tree is fully in bloom. Like almost every year, I simply have to post a picture of an almond blossom, even it’s a very common subject ;).


== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Marcie 30. March 2012

    Exquisite beauty! Yes – we too are enjoying spring’s first blossoms!

  2. tom 30. March 2012

    It doesn’t matter whether it is common or not. It is beautiful!

  3. 31. March 2012

    Just beautiful! So delicate yet so bold.

  4. Jane 31. March 2012

    Stunning lighting and composition. Nothing like a simple 5-petal flower. Is this a quince blossum?

  5. Arnd 31. March 2012

    A great capture of this beautiful blossom. The light and the pink color are a feast for the eyes!

  6. Great color and it’s so delicate . The Spring comes :)

  7. Uwe 2. April 2012

    Hey Jane, it’s an almond tree.

  8. Navin Harish 3. April 2012

    Brilliant shot. I like the framing, the details and the colours

  9. Iza 4. April 2012

    Isn’t what photography is about? Showing a common subject in an amazing way? The light on this flower perfect. with whole flower in focus and almost a spotlight on it, the image is just stunning.

  10. Kris Koeller 9. April 2012

    Beautiful shot!

  11. Eden 9. April 2012

    Lovely shot, Uwe!

  12. Jane 29. April 2012

    This is very pretty. I like the colors you captured in the flower

  13. Mr. Me 10. May 2012

    I don’t think I’ve seen that many pictures of flowers with that warm background color. I like it very much. Even though the vignette is very strong, it is very difficult to notice as it mostly affects an already dark background. That is the way vignettes should be.

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