Big Sky in Spring

Springtime. Though this years spring needs some time and warm temperatures and blue skys are still a bit rare at present, nevertheless nature’s awake and the fresh colors are back again. I love this season with all this fresh green of the new leafs and the growing gras.

Exif Data
Camera: Olympus E-30 | Focal: 9mm | Shutter: 1/800 | ISO: 200 | Aperture: f/8,0

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  1. PhotoTraces 1. May 2012

    Great landscape photo. I featured it as “Photo of the Day” on my photoblog

  2. faisal 1. May 2012

    damn fine work. damn fine.

  3. Diana 2. May 2012

    I am blown away by this picture. The bird in the clouds was actually the first thing I saw! Definetly visiting this site more often!
    I am an amateur photographer and it would mean a lot to me for some people to check out my photography blog.
    Follow, like, comment!
    Thank you.

  4. Jane 3. May 2012

    Very beautiful. Good job! I love how you captured the clouds. I’m just starting out in photography myself, so any tips you guys could give would be really great. Thanks.

  5. tom 5. May 2012

    Wunderschön! Da kommen Frühlingsgefühle auf.

  6. Indonesia Photos 5. May 2012

    wonderful.., nice compo and beautiful tone

  7. Kris Koeller 6. May 2012

    Wonderfully rich colors. well done.

  8. Navin Harish 10. May 2012

    This is an amazing shot. I love spring as well. Actually I love monsoon more than spring because then everything gets green here.

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