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Back- and sidelight in the fields


Voices heard in fields of green
Their joy their calm and luxury
Are lost within the wanderings of my mind

Im cutting branches from the trees
Shaped by years of memories
To exorcise their ghosts from inside of me
The sound of waves in a pool of water

Im drowning in my nostalgia
-David Sylvian, Nostalgia –


== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. caricia

    Simply beautiful

  2. Great lighting, beautiful colors and superb low depth of field.

  3. Your pictures are stunning~

  4. tom

    Das Weizenfeld mit seinem schönen Grüntönen gefällt mir ganz besonders.

  5. The elegance is its strength

  6. These are terrific; very simple yet well done.

  7. Awesome shot. I like the framing and the use of shallow DOF

  8. Beautiful composition!

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