Just a tree

…and I think to myself, what a wonderful world :)


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  1. Jasper 9. July 2007

    Just a tree indeed, but a very clean composition and beautiful chosen exposure. Love the clouds in this one.

  2. Marianne 9. July 2007

    I don\'t think the title fits the picture, because it\'s not just a tree, it\'s a very beautiful tree in nice surroundings. The sky looks crazy – great shot!

  3. Andreas Øverland 9. July 2007

    I just digg the soft colors. Great detail and composition.

  4. CurlyToes 10. July 2007

    ..and I think to myself.. what a wonderful photo!

  5. Justin 10. July 2007

    The colors are awesome, and as everyone has said, that sky is incredible. Really nice work!

  6. thomas mueller 10. July 2007

    sehr schönes foto mit den wolken und dem einsamen baum. wieder einmal sehr entspannend…

  7. Giorgio 10. July 2007

    Great composition and awesome colors.

  8. Ramsey 10. July 2007

    Great composition. I love the sky and the tones.

  9. Kim 10. July 2007

    Wonderful color – I love the blue in the sky. Beautiful shot!

  10. Andriy 10. July 2007

    That\'s beautiful, love your color enhancement technique.

  11. Latchiko 10. July 2007

    What a fantastic sky! Beautifully captured.

  12. Wolfgang Burzler 10. July 2007

    Klasse Aufnahme, ich mag die Farben (vor allem die Farben) und diesen grandiosen Himmel.

  13. riesenriel 11. July 2007

    Brilliant atmosphere of this landscape with these tones. Just great composed.

  14. clarence 11. July 2007

    Fantastic sky! I think they need rain.

  15. mal 13. July 2007

    your images never cease to impress, stunning work. mal

  16. Pierre-Yves 13. July 2007

    Maybe just a tree but a dynamic great move. Really powerful

  17. josef 14. July 2007


  18. Sky and the angle of view makes this photo very dynamic

  19. Mac [vg] 6. August 2007

    Alter Schwede … das ist der Hammer!

  20. Heiko 1. May 2008

    three letters: w o w

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