Modern architecture in Bonn. Art and exhibition hall of the Federal Republic of Germany. Been there for the “PIXAR – 25 Years of Animation” exhibition. Very interesting to learn something about the making of a modern animation movie. Yet the concept art at the beginning of the whole process is amazing and the drawings are wonderful.

== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Grace 13. August 2012

    Your pictures are lovely ~

  2. Uwe 13. August 2012

    Thank you very much Grace!

  3. Fotografo em BH 17. September 2012

    Beautiful photography, creates a strange sense of oppression, modern architecture, however oppressive ….

  4. Claus Petersen 6. October 2012

    The sky and reflections is really what makes this image, they just add so much depth and dimension here.

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