Harvesting Season

Time to harvest the fields, again. And as every year around this time, I remember that I’ve planned to make a four seasons shooting on one single location since ages. Well, one must always have some plans in the photo bag ;-).

== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Arnd 22. August 2012

    Interesting and very diverse patterns and awesome play with color and light. The sky is a dream here!

  2. Kris Koeller 22. August 2012

    I love these. Great color and light. Looks like late summer. Well done!

  3. rem_la 23. August 2012

    le traitement des couleurs est superbe

  4. fabrizio 27. August 2012

    very impressive and beautiful series, perfect presentation

  5. tom 27. August 2012

    Bei dem ersten Bild finde ich den Kontrast zwischen den Linien des Feldes und den schön geschwungenen Wolken sehr schön!

  6. Wolfgang 31. August 2012

    Wenn ich mich entscheiden müsste, dann das erste Foto – gefällt mir einfach von der Bildgestaltung und -aufteilung besser. Schöne Farben und klasse Himmel :)

  7. Marcie 31. August 2012

    Breathtaking landscape. Love the minimalist beauty. WOW!

  8. yvan 2. September 2012

    what a great shot, love the composition!

  9. Luc 3. September 2012

    Bonjour, j’aime beaucoup la composition de ces photos, et la forme particulière des nuages.

  10. Sabine 5. September 2012

    I like the contrast of the straight lines of the ground and the random patterns of the clouds. Very nice.

  11. David Kleinert 5. September 2012

    Wow – nicely composed, the lines in the field draw your eyes to the amazing cloud formations :)

  12. Maarten 8. September 2012

    Look at that sky… on those curvy line…. beautiful

  13. Mirco 11. September 2012

    Wunderbare landschaft. Toll gemacht

  14. Olaf 11. September 2012

    Die Einfachheit und die angenehmen Farben sind sehr gefällig, beeindruckende Wolkenformationen!

  15. Andrew Cresswell 20. September 2012

    Love these images of sky, so expressive, stunning images thanks for sharing.

  16. Caryn Caldwell 23. September 2012

    Chiming in a little late here, but I just had to tell you that this is breathtakingly gorgeous! Perfectly composed, and the colors are beautiful. A wonderful late-summer scene.

  17. Navin Harish 3. October 2012

    WOW! Brilliant shot. Love the clouds

  18. Andrei Barbu 4. October 2012

    Amazing images!

  19. Jay Buckley 5. October 2012

    A magnificent photo! The clouds are spectacular!

  20. janina 21. October 2012

    Love that big expanse of sky and those wispy clouds, my kinda landscape. Beautiful!

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