Funny: a thunderstorm arrives with huge cloud-movement.
Not funny: run for a shelter two minutes later… ;)


== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. CurlyToes 7. August 2007

    Sounds like great fun! :) Great photo to boot.

  2. riesenriel 7. August 2007

    Oh my… very impressive this mood. Cool capture.

  3. holger 7. August 2007

    schön viel Himmel, die Aufteilung gefällt mir sehr gut, die Straße wirkt Rechts wie von einem Blitz durchzogen…ein gutes, wenn auch gefährliches Bild… :-)

  4. Sherri 7. August 2007

    Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous. I won\'t even attempt to describe it further.

  5. macroni 7. August 2007

    Incredible! I\'m always stunned by your pictures.
    May i ask if you use filters for you pictures? And which do you use the most?

  6. Uwe 7. August 2007

    Thanks for the comments/Danke für die Kommentare!

    @macroni: mostly I\'m using a Cokin ND 121 graduated grey with a P-System slimholder or (weather and sun permitting) a B&W Slim Polarizer.

  7. FW 7. August 2007

    Wow, astonishing. Dramatical. Wild. Windy. Wet. Impressive!

  8. Lucas 7. August 2007

    der Titel passt wie die Faust aufs Auge – sehr dramatischer Anblick und wie man sieht leben Fotografen nicht gerade ungefährlich

  9. Michael Rawluk 7. August 2007

    Very strong shot. It looks like it is time to head for cover.

  10. Mac [vg] 7. August 2007

    Schließe mich FW an. Schönes Bild.

  11. AG 7. August 2007

    I’m trying to imagine what this felt like to be there . . that’s like a wall rushing toward you . . incredible image!

  12. Uwe 7. August 2007

    @AG: yes I must admit that it felt not very comfortable, esp. because my car was about 1,5km away, and between me and the car there was only open field, and errm… some trees =:O. But finally I did it, pretty wet, but without a 20.000 ampere experience ;).

  13. josef 8. August 2007

    Very nice capture. Love the perspective on the road, and the \"wall\" of clouds.

  14. Andrew 8. August 2007

    If it\'s apocalyptic, I should leave a comment. :P The clouds look really awesome and I really like the contrast between the field of grass and the dark sky right above it. Did you use a tripod?

  15. Siegfried Becker 8. August 2007


  16. miles 10. August 2007

    Awesome sky!

  17. Kim 10. August 2007

    You\'ve done a wonderful job of capturing this storm – very powerful sky!

  18. oldshutterhand 10. August 2007

    Journey to a black hole. I like the 4 or 3 levels of the image. Very good.

  19. sniker 16. August 2007

    Sehr dramatischer Himmel. Schöne Farben!

  20. Martin 16. August 2007

    You have some very nice photography on here.

  21. romain 21. August 2007

    wooh, i wouldn\'t want being here in ten minutes… great shot !

  22. Spot the Pot (rabbit) 9. November 2007

    Your commentary made me laugh. Super Shot before the storm tried to GET YA.

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