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  1. In my RSS reader, I just saw the first picture, with this text below it:
    “Some photos from our coast trip last week. Click on the pictures leads to a larger view. The seagull gang Life Saver Empty beaches, the best thing in autumn Beach gras always has a special attitude to me Gentle Waves Chill!”

    …which briefly made me think spammers had taken over your blog :)
    Anyway, beautiful pictures. Very peaceful.

  2. Great series! All images are interesting but the 1st and the last really stand out!

  3. My personal favourites: 1,2,3 & 5
    Great work!

  4. Wonderful…the Life Safer is my favourite…
    LG Smilla

  5. gorgeous shots… love the one called gentle waves.

  6. AC

    These pictures remind me of Robert Frost poems.

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