Autumn Impressions

Some autumnal scenes from today at dusk. Please click the Thumbnails for a larger size.

Autumn is really the best of the seasons; and I’m not sure that old age isn’t the best part of life. But of course, like autumn, it doesn’t last.
C.S. Lewis

Autumnal Scenes and Impressions

Autumnal Scenes and Impressions

Autumnal Scenes and Impressions

Autumn Impressions

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  1. Kris Koeller 19. October 2012

    These are terrific, and perfectly capture the feeling of Fall. Well done.

  2. Arnd 19. October 2012

    Splendid capture of the essence of fall!
    Your autumnal scenes are a delightful visual treat – thanks for sharing. I love all of them but the first is my favorite!

  3. Uwe 20. October 2012

    Thanks a lot Kris!

  4. Uwe 20. October 2012

    Thank you Arnd!

  5. faisal 22. October 2012


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