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Enlightened nave in the “Dom zu Limburg”


== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Kim

    Superb composition! I love the light streaming in through the window, illuminating the floor. Very well done!

  2. Jon

    Nice curves, light and depth in scene. Super image.

  3. What an extraordinary image. The light is just unbelievably beautiful. Grey scale is perfect.

  4. this is a photo i would like to be mine.Bravo

  5. This is a stunning photograph. The lines and tones are great. I especially like the rays of light.

  6. Another great image! Beautifully composed.

  7. Gorgeous. This is very frameable.. :)

  8. I love all the geometry going on and how the light breaks it up.

  9. ROB

    I am always jealous of images like this as I never see light rays anything similar to this. Beautiful capture.

  10. I\'m so happy you\'ve switched from the same old type of landscape shots. This shot is phenomenal, keep em up.

  11. Uwe

    Thanks for your comments!
    @Mo Hashim: well, I guess I have to disappoint you, because I definately won\'t switch from landscapes. I\'ll try something different from time to time, but my love is landscape, and I can\'t get rid of it.

  12. Wow,classical theme well done! perfect light.

  13. Beautiful handling of a high contrast scene.

  14. Wonderful quality of light here.

  15. Every element in this is impeccable… lighting, perspective, tonality. Really exceptional.

  16. wow – the light is gorgeous and I love the range of tones.

  17. Wonderful light. Beautiful image.

  18. Amazing
    Really nice B&W

  19. that is truly magical. time stands still. so quiet.

  20. Wonderful !

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