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  1. Beautiful photo. Happy December!

  2. Awesome hoarfrost-covered scenery! The blue coloration nicely enhances the frosty feel.

  3. simply beautiful picture !

  4. What a gorgeous landscape. Love the simplicity and symmetry – both!

  5. tom

    Traumhaft schöne Winter Impression.

  6. nice!

  7. Such lovely soft pastel colours, and a nice composition to match! I love it.

  8. It is beautiful. I love how the ice affect the color and the ambiance. it is like all the landscape is under its spell!

  9. Just gorgeous. Those soft colors, the balance of the trees, the frost edging everything — love it.

    I know I don’t comment much because I usually read on my iPod, but I just love your photos. You do some amazing work.

  10. I am impressed !

  11. This is the best kind of frost, makes for such beautiful images like this one!

  12. Amazing light and tonality. I love this kind of photographs were the viewer can feel the elements!!!

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