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One of those nights

Stay tonight
We’ll watch the full moon rising
Hold on tight
The sky is breaking
I don’t ever want to be alone
With all my darkest dreaming
Hold me close
The sky is breaking

[David Sylvian – Darkest dreaming]

== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. This is incredibly beautiful. It must have been magical being out there with all the light and drama.

  2. Great capture. It has an eternal summer feeling about it – full moon and tree in full bloom.

  3. Kim

    Magical and mystical image. The full moon can make the landscape appear almost the same as daytime. Wonderful shot!

  4. nice feeling! like the heavy shaddow under the clouds!

  5. I never cease to be amazed with your images. Not only the scenes you capture, but the colors are always so unexpectedly beautiful.

  6. c\'est superbe l\'image et le traitement

  7. WOW! Very impressive picture. What a mysterious atmosphere! Composition and framing are perfect!

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