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Long time…

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve postet photos here. The reason is just simple: I’m totally uninspired since months. Moreover, I’m quite exhausted and in the need of holidays more than everything else. Well, there’s a flickering light at the end of the tunnel, but yet a long way to go. So to keep in touch with my website, here are some lost photos I’ve discovered while trying Lightroom 5. Please excuse the absence of new content. I have to find some inspiration again, and time to work it out. :-)





== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. nice way to discover LR5 ;) I specifically like the two last shots – do you think LR5 is worth the upgrade (currently using LR4) ?

  2. Uwe

    Thanks Maarten! For me, the biggest improvement is the overall performance. LR4 was not really slow on my iMac 27″ i5, but LR5 is noticable faster now, esp. while browsing thru images. The advanced healing brush is also nice to have, though I’m still a bit “oldschool” and mostly don’t make such improvements or use these tools in LR itself except for the straighten and crop tools . :) So I’m not sure to invest the EUR 70,- for the update. Guess I’ve to play around with it for the remaining 30 evaluation days before I’ll finally decide wether or not.

  3. I love especially two last ones for the balance and the soft colours.
    I use Litghroom 4, I don’t know 5 version, but I’m happy.
    A greeting.

  4. Hello Uwe,

    Nice you have you back. Maybe there is something in the air as I also had too much to work and very less time for any else. Around me it seems to be a pretty popular trend this year.

    Btw, the photos are great. Very pleasant for my eyes :)

    Good luck!

  5. I understand. I’ve had the exact same problem. Good luck getting back into your creative groove.

  6. Iza

    I hope you will find your inspiration soon. Although, looking at the images above, I am not sure why you think you are not inspired ;) I particularly like the last shot, but also the sky in the second is so interesting!

  7. Your beautiful photographs inspire daydreams of vacations at the sea.
    Have a good rest, Uwe!

  8. these are all so beautiful. absolutely love the sky in the lighthouse image.

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