The lighthouse at Westermarkelsdorf.
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  1. Sherri 17. October 2007

    What an amazing old lighthouse. I\'ve seen one with the house so close like this and what a sky! Just beautiful.

  2. Sara 17. October 2007

    The sky is gorgeous. I love the post work.

  3. kheoh yee wei 17. October 2007

    Very pleasant processing,harmony indeed.

  4. Josef Renklint 17. October 2007

    This looks almost spiritual. Very nice indeed.

  5. joshua mahar 18. October 2007

    I think the coloring is very interesting in this. I could see this going either for full color or for Black and white, but I really like that you have it almost in between. There is definately color, but it\'s muted. This probably contributes to the effect that the other commentors have noted. Its a very nice image.

  6. Michael Rawluk 18. October 2007

    Nice idyllic look to the shot. And I love the sky.

  7. AG 23. October 2007

    This is such a smooth image and the colors have a subtlety that makes it stand apart.

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