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Our sunset sky at 09.00pm, quite dramatic I think. Fortunately I’ve had my stuff with me, the light situation lasted only a few minutes. You can have a look at a larger version of this picture here (if you like).


== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Very dramatic! Great capture.

  2. Just when I thought your sky images couldn\'t be more spectacular:-)

  3. Jim

    Very dramatic. And I like the slightly long exposure for the blur on the wind generator.

  4. a big big fave!!!!

  5. Wow! The drama here is off the hook! This shot is excellent! I like how you composed the shot with the windmill in the frame. This is hot!

  6. Stunning! I\'m speechless.

  7. Your photos still amaze me! I make a daily view of your website at least 1-2 times a day to see the amazing things you will post. The colors seem so unreal but beautiful!

  8. Amazing colors, looks like it\'s going to rain fire!

  9. Impressive picture! Great colors and details! Amazing!

  10. Very impressive!

  11. tom

    Das Licht ist absolut genial. Die Farbgebung gefällt mir auch.

  12. WOW ! GREAT

  13. Das Bild ist wunderbar. Der Himmel sieht aus als würde er brennen.

  14. Einfach genial. Es freut mich zu sehen, dass jemand seinen Stil gefunden, bewahrt und perfektioniert hat.. ich suche meinen noch

  15. Beeindruckend. Die Mühle bringt den Himmel zum Glühen. Nur so können wir die Energieprobleme der Zukunft meistern.

  16. This is an amazing shot, well done!

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