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  1. “Wonderful shot! Love the light and the soft tones. Perfect exposure and framing. Bravo!

    Visit Giovanni

  2. “Stunning! Love how you captured the light. WOW!

    Visit Marcie

  3. “All I can say is this is just beautiful. Thumbs up!

    Visit Laurie

  4. “Ein wundervolles Foto zur Herbststimmung. Mir gef

  5. “Love the light and the composition. :-)

    Visit Frida

  6. POV

    “Bin nur begeistert! Absolutly great capture and processing.

    Visit POV

  7. “Great backlight, everything become gold. Nice capture! SwissCharles

    Visit Phototherapy

  8. “Wonderful lighting (as always).

    Visit alex

  9. “Like a fantastic tale

    Visit conflagratio

  10. Fantastic light and warm colors, and perfect exposure.

  11. “Love the colors – love the subject. This is a really great shot.

    Visit joshua mahar

  12. a fable.. so evanescent.. you hurt me with your visions of reality.. i have the stendhal syndrome. Do you know? ;) i'll return here again.. and again.. and again..

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