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  1. Wonderfull capture, I have to get up really earlier. Well done! (ps. Can you change the text color on this theme, it's really hard to read grey on a white background)

  2. Love detail. Nice landscape!

  3. Uwe

    Thank you. I've changed the text to a darker grey, which is hopefully better readable.

  4. A really beautiful scenery. A great composition.

  5. Nice landscape! Keep up the good work:).


  6. I'm a sucker for black and white photography. This one is no exception. Not the single tree in solitude, this one got friends to show. The misty landscape is excellent. Wish I could have seen it.

  7. Max


  8. Brilliantly done…love the control on the exposure…very nice :)

  9. What can I say other than "Beautiful"?

  10. I love atmospheric scenes where the light glows through the fog and the landscape dissolves into it. There's a beautiful softness in this too.

  11. Hallo Uwe….schöne Stimmung mal wieder eingefangen :)
    Das Template gefällt mir auch besser….nicht so überladen. Ich hoffe wie immer es geht blendend.


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