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A dreamy morning


== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Beautiful as always, and here the mist really adds to the atmosphere!

  2. A very nice shot. I like the blur and the colors. Nice composition.

  3. Stunning, love the foggy atmosphere … as usual a masterpiece!

  4. Beautiful shot. I love the mist and the colors.

  5. Elegant atmosphere. This is just beautiful.

  6. So soft…beautiful colors.

  7. Beautiful foggy atmosphere in this landscape! LOVE IT!

  8. Reminds me of my country in the winter, when it gets really foggy… I like your photoblog. Will vote for it on the Awards.

  9. Nicely done! I like the muted effect you have given it.

  10. Excellent work.
    Amazing landscapes in your blog. Gratulation!

  11. Amazing! I can't get over the soft mist and the beautiful soft colors and tones.

  12. One of these kind of photos, that make me sigh "wow" when they load…wonderful. I'm curious about the post processing, how much of the hazy part is really fog and how much is PS. ANyway, the effect is stunning.

  13. Uwe

    Joanna: the fog is 100% real at all, no PS processing on that score.
    @all: thank you very much for your comments!

  14. Wunderschön wie schon so oft, vor allem mit diesen Farben, den "weichen" Konturen und natürlich dem Nebel, der dem Bild eine traumhafte Stimmung verleiht (und ein passender Titel:) …

  15. Speechless.You did a perfect job on this one.

  16. Great image! The muted colors are very nice!

  17. What a wonderful photograph! Truly amazing!!

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  18. Beautiful… love the mist, it's definitely dreamy and mysterious ;-)

  19. Bonjour,
    Wonderful capture..Beautiful tone..well done post-processing..This photography confirms your art..!..Bravo!

  20. I had to come back to this one and commment – love the colours, especially given the haziness of the time of day. Great.

  21. Great stuff once again!

  22. Sehr schön! Wie bekommt man denn solche Farbe hin…

  23. One of my favorites !
    Nice ambience !

  24. Amazing set of images and this one just looks so serene. Definitely a vote for the photoblog awards and definitely an RSS to keep track of. Magical.

  25. grandiose Nebellandschaft und schöne traumhafte Stimmung am frühen Morgen, die du hier festgehalten hast

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