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There are rumors that spring will finally kick in next monday. So hopefully this weekend wil, be the last with one such a cold and rainy weather.

== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. It's amazing how such small things as a drop can make something like a leaf so beautiful!

  2. Superb detail…this is extraordinary.

  3. I love macro shooting myself this is so good. Water droplets on a grass straw it's so beautiful

  4. Ein Klassiker! Sehr schön umgesetzt!

  5. A classic shot, brought again in an unique way … Well done!

  6. simply beautiful! :)

  7. Very nice shot. I have my doubts about spring kicking in next monday though ;)

  8. lecker ;) das Grün sticht richtig hervor – sehr gut gelungen

  9. Excellent shot. This is beautiful.

  10. Beautiful light…love the detail and composition :)

  11. How simple, almost mundane things, can look beautiful when you give them the proper "stage", the right focus.
    Splendid image.

  12. Bonjour,
    Beautiful close-up..Nice composition..Bravo!

  13. POV

    Excellente Schärfe. Die Spiegelungen gefallen mir. Schöne Arbeit.

  14. Auch sehr schön auf den Hintergrund geachtet! Die Wassertropfen sehen richtig gut aus.

    Ist das Foto mit einem Makroobjektiv aufgenommen worden?

  15. Just beautiful. Is this the Nikon 105mm macro?

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