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Evening in the fields

Another one with my Sigma DP1. Still impressed about this little p&s camera. ;)

== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Great DOF and wide angle ! Love this picture !

  2. Wow ! I'm so surprise by this sky ! Nice shot ! Beautiful and powerful ! Congrats !

  3. What a beautiful sky, you have shown just how big it is by your composition – lovely!

  4. What an amazing sky! The output from this camera does look great but the composition and processing are what really make this shot.

  5. What a great, big sky! The luminosity is just exquisite.

  6. Such a striking photo! This is a beauty. Love that sky.

  7. ich glaube das ist das erste bild aus einer dp1, welches ich in einem blog sehe =)
    und es gefaellt!
    ich war ziemlich angetan von der 28mm fb idee mit dem chip in einem p

  8. The blue tones you've applied are exceptional. Still envious of your gorgeous, cloudy skies:-)

  9. You really have the most beautiful cloud formations where you live, its just amazing how rich they are in texture!

  10. tom

    The clouds are absolutely amazing.

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