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  1. I love your composition of this photo – the way you've made the sky a vast expanse is fantastic and filled with great detail.

  2. At any time I come on your site I, I am amazed. Always an excellent job. This composition is absolutely wonderful. The sky takes on a colossal scale facing the trees that looks almost shrubs. Sublime!

  3. Ich muss sagen ich bin hellauf begeistert. Grandiose Bilder zeigst du … herrliche Farben und erst die Perspektive von diesem Bild gepaart mit den 3 einzelnen B√§umen, grandios. RSS wird gleich angeklickt :-)

  4. An image that really makes one feel small in this grand world we live in :-)

  5. Very nice sky, the treatment is really cool. The details are essentials to make this picture a nice landscape.
    Well done !

  6. Wonderful frame.
    Great capture, I really enjoyed it :)

  7. Great landscape…the thin earth line increases the attention towards a perfect sky!

  8. This image makes me feel so small. The trees gives an indication of scale, and the sky is so enormously large. Well done!

  9. I love landscapes like this… and have yet to find anything like it around where I live. The big sky really gives a feeling of scale.

  10. Love this. It has a wonderful sense of space. The sky is fantastic too. Interesting decision to give such a small proportion of the frame to the ground. It works well but I might have liked a little bit more ground in the image.

  11. wonderful!

  12. very unconventional crop, but it does make an impact. wonderful sky, I love it.

  13. tom

    Der Himmel ist einfach gigantisch.

  14. Superb minimalistic landscape! Love that low horizon and overall composition. And even that bird (though it might seem too small, in this case it's not) fits perfectly into the composition.

  15. Herrlich Minimalistisch, einfach ein Gedicht

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