Abstract Autumn

Fresh green and lush turns to auburn and brittle – the meaning of life


== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. Sabine (foKuspoint) 3. October 2009

    This is an outstanding photo. I really like the composition and the colors. Simple and elegant.

  2. Frida 3. October 2009

    Amazing! Simple and very graceful. Great composition and clarity. I really like this!

  3. pernilla 4. October 2009

    Superb! Love the texture of the leafs and the colours.

  4. Krista 4. October 2009

    Beautifully shot! The colours are so rich!

  5. Turnbill 4. October 2009

    Wow! Great eye to see this and capture it! Beautiful.

  6. frisky 4. October 2009

    brilliant.! great work.

  7. joshua mahar 4. October 2009

    absolutely fantastic. This is so well done, with clarity and wonderful focusing. The composition is well executed and the toning is perfect. Wonderful job on this shot!

  8. Giorgio 4. October 2009

    Wonderful colors with an excellent crisp subject. Great idea.

  9. martin_d 4. October 2009

    einen kleinen aber feinen rahmen und dann ab an die wand.

  10. Polydactyle 4. October 2009

    Excellent cold atmosphere and textures. Excellent!!

  11. AG 5. October 2009

    Exquisite . . I’ve noticed some autumn forms like this but nothing as expressive as you have made these to be. Great stuff.

  12. mark / one way photo 12. October 2009

    Absolutely perfect depth of field on this. Stunning.

  13. Laurie 12. October 2009

    Really beautiful.

  14. Sylvain 13. October 2009

    The leaves seem to jump out of the screen !
    Wonderful !

  15. Raul 16. October 2009

    Shapes and colors loaded with expression, I love it.


  16. NancyH 4. August 2010

    lovely. i like the blue tone.. different from most fall shots but still you can see the..burntness.. of the leaves.

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