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Abstract Autumn II

Even brittle things may provide a home





== Please click on the photo for the entire view ==


  1. very beautiful.

  2. Beautiful autumnal mood. Light and tones are fabulous!

  3. Beautiful orange lighting!

  4. perfect colors !

  5. AG

    These are like little fiery sculptures . .

  6. Extraordinary color and light. Beautiful image!!!

  7. looks like a skeleton. i love it!

  8. I just love all these little details in nature, and here you have captured them so well.

  9. So beautiful and fragile! And you've got its every detail! :)

  10. The beautiful warm colours give me an autumn feeling.

  11. Beautiful light and colours. Love the details

  12. The lighting here is nothing short of beautiful. Love this.

  13. Sehr schöne Aufnahme, vor allem mit den Details und diesen warmen Farben.

  14. Sehr gute Arbeiten zeigst du, faszinieren durch ihre warmen Farbgebungen.

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